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Re: Broken X

On Thu, Aug 03, 2000 at 07:43:47PM +0000, Philip Downer wrote:
> If anyone could help me with this I'd appreciate it. I've just
> installed debian potato test-cycle-1 (some cds I bought at UK Linux
> Expo 2000). However whenever I run X I get the following message:
> Fatal Server Error: cannot open mouse (No such file or directory)
> I decided to create the directory /dev/mouse and /dev/tty00 and I've
> tried pointing xf86config at them and I now get the following error
> Fatal Server Error: cannot open mouse (is a directory)
> I have an Microsoft Optical Intellimouse Explorer (I don't like their
> software, but this is a VERY nice mouse) on the PS/2 port.

Delete the /dev/mouse directory.
You want to create a link from /dev/psaux to /dev/mouse.
Reconfigure X.  I like XF86Setup.

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