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Re: Man -K

On 2 Aug 2000, John Hasler wrote:

> Andrew Sullivan writes:
> > I thought the original poster was talking about a _full body_ search of the
> > man pages.  Do RH and SuSE really do that?  Certainly, apropos doesn't --
> > it searches the description (at least on my system).
> Which would be fine if people would write proper descriptions.

But they don't. And you can't describe man which has 100 pages or more in
one line.

I checked rpm from TurboLinux (man-1.5g-5.i386.rpm).
>From it's man page:

-K     Search for the specified string in *all* man pages.
              Warning:  this  is  probably very slow! It helps to
              specify a section.  (Just to give a rough idea,  on
              my  machine  this  takes about a minute per 500 man

I want to know why debian don't use that version of man.

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