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Re: cdrom

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 02:23:54PM -0400, Andy The King wrote:
> Hello!
> I just recently purchased a copy of Debian GNU/Linux 2.1.  Although my
> friend told me that I can just down loaded for free from the web.  So I
> installed it on my machine and everything runs well except for that my
> cdrom didn't recognized any of the CD-Rewritable copies that  burned.
> However, the operating system able to allows me to read other CD-W
> copies that are not rewritable.  I did all this with mounting the cdrom.

CD-R disks can be finicky under various configurations.  Can you read
from the same CD booting the system under a different OS (say DOS or

> What is this mean?  I have most of the softwares that needed to be run
> in Linux are in those CD-Rewritable.  What can I do?

Either re-burn the disks or mount them on another system and use network
access.  I found I could read a CD on a laptop but not my desktop, could
ssh or Samba mount the CD to pull files from it to the desktop.

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