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X Problems...

OK, I've been having an... interesting problem...

I'm using XF86 4.0.1, and have had no problems with it at all until about two days ago...  Here's the list of the symptoms:

In GNOME - desktop objects (Namely Icons) have a grey background - rather than showing the desktop bitmap underneath as it should.

Quake III Arena:  The video mode is not changing upon game launch - but rather running in a windowed mode.  I can manually change the vidmode (CTRL+ALT+-, etc), however since I can't move the Q3A window, that doesn't help too much.

And - anything that should be transparent (Window Manager borders, Icon backgrounds (as in GNOME), etc. is not transparent - but rather a flat grey box around it...

I have an nVidia TNT-based board, and I have the beta nVidia 094 drivers installed (properly, I might add).  - removing the driver and changing to the XF86 driver (rather than nVidia's) made no difference.

There is only one change that I made to the system in the time that it stopped working... I installed the OpenMotif Deb's.  Removing them didn't do anything to alleviate the problem, either.

And - on a side note, what setting in the XF86Config file do you change to increase the mouse sensitivity?!?

Thanks for any help you can give me.


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