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Re: gnapster won't download: "fopen: No such file or directory"

On 2 Aug 2000, Krzys Majewski wrote:

> Anybody else have this problem with gnapster? Everything works except,
> gah, the downloading part. If I try to d/l something I get 
> fopen: No such file or directory
> on stderr, several times, and  nothing happens. This is Gnome gnapster
> 1.3.10
> -chris


check out their site... Napster is down 

   Thanks for being a member of the Napster community and for the support
   you have shown. As you have probably heard, the RIAA won a court
   battle this week that may keep you from using Napster to share music.
   Today the court of appeals stayed the judge's order to shut down
   Napster until they consider our appeal, probably in September. 

Jos Lemmerling

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