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Re: Network Printing, from an Apple, to Debian.

Adam Scriven wrote:

> I found a website with information on how to do it, but I've since lost it 
> (stupid crashing netscape 8-( ).  Does anyone know if this remains to be 
> possible?

Since I read your post, I installed netatalk and finally made papd to
work last night. [Now my serial Epson stylus turned into a postscript
network printer! Kudos to the maintainer.]

I guess the www page you read is Ghostscript/Netatalk HOWTO.

This page helped me a lot but it's a little dated. I had two problems
in setting papd.conf right.

The page lists the sample entry as:


However, it didn't work for me because:

1. :pr=lp: won't work with LPRng that I use.

  It must be :pr=|lpr:

2. The second line needs to be indented like:


It didn't take long before I figured out (eh, found the relevant info
through Google) #1. But #2 is kinda subtle and I wasted my time trying
different ppd files in vain.

I finally settled with:

        :pr=|lpr -Pstylus800:\

I moved a ppd file 'LaserWriter Personal NTR' from Mac to Debian box
and renamed it to 'APLWNTR1.PPD' (a name should not matter.) CR must
be converted to LF but fetch took care of it for me.


"Trust in the you of now."

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