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Re: smail error on setup- FQDN does not match

>>>>> "cxpx" == cxpx  <cxpx@telus.net> writes:

    cxpx> I get the following error after 'apt-get install linuxconf' (which in turn
    cxpx> wants smail or exim- both get the same error).

    cxpx> Setting up smail ( ...
    cxpx> Error: system's FQDN hostname (the_kernel) doesn't match
    cxpx> RFC1035 syntax; cannot configure the mail system.
    cxpx> Can't execute smailconfig.
    cxpx> /usr/doc/smail/New-Config-Features.gz: No such file or directory
    cxpx> dpkg: error processing smail (--configure):
    cxpx>  subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1

    cxpx> Why does it say the system's FQDN doesn't match?  Doesn't match what?

It doesn't say "doesn't match", it says "doesn't match RFC1035
syntax".  So go RTF RFC1035 ;-) You'll see that underscores in
hostnames (= fqdn) are not permitted.  Only letters, digits and the
hyphen ("-") are allowed.

So, name your machine "the-kernel" and try again.  Should work then.

Bye, J

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