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Re: Recommendations on newer motherboards working with Debian?

my personal opinion is abit blows but that is from my own bad experiences
with the IT5H and BP6.

if you want athlon i would wait for asus's new board A7V, many reviewers
seem to agree that it has the best features. it should be out anytime..


On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Rogerio Brito wrote:

rbrito >
rbrito >	Dear Friends,
rbrito >
rbrito >	My ole, trustworthy computer seems to be having problems
rbrito >	lately (its got some problems with the video card -- it's
rbrito >	freezing while I'm in X and I'm starting to doubt that the
rbrito >	memory chips are ok -- and its battery is dead).  :-(
rbrito >
rbrito >	So, I'm looking for a new computer and it seems that an Abit
rbrito >	KA7-100 motherboard is a good place to start along with an
rbrito >	Athlon processor (the board specs are amazing -- but then, I'm
rbrito >	really not a hardware person).
rbrito >
rbrito >	However, I've tried to do my homework and it seems to have
rbrito >	some problems running Linux (e.g., people seem to be having
rbrito >	trouble getting UDMA to work or trying to get sound cards
rbrito >	sharing interrupts with NICs when KA7-100 is used).
rbrito >
rbrito >	In light of this, I'd like to know what your experiences with
rbrito >	this motherboard and Debian are: is it a "dangerous" purchase
rbrito >	or can I buy it without any worries? Is it stable? Should I
rbrito >	look for something else? What? An Asus K7V?
rbrito >
rbrito >	I'm not well-versed with hardware in general and I'd like a
rbrito >	little hand helding. Of course, the first thing I'll do when I
rbrito >	get a new computer is to install Debian (and nothing else) and
rbrito >	recompile a 2.2 kernel probably with some patches -- so I have
rbrito >	no problems if, say, current versions don't work, but fixes
rbrito >	are expected soon.
rbrito >
rbrito >	I'm really interested in any feedback and other
rbrito >	recommendations. Please post to the list.
rbrito >
rbrito >
rbrito >	Thank you very much for any pointers, Roger...
rbrito >
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