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Re: Java compiler and vm.

On  1, aug, 2000 at 03:22:44 +0200, Goeman Stefan wrote:
> Hello Everybody,
> Does anybody know where I can find a good Java compiler and Java Virtual
> Machine for
> Debian/Linux?

Look at http://www.blackdown.org/java-linux/mirrors.html for your
closest mirror.

I've unzipped it to /usr/local, installed java-compiler and
java-vm dummypackages (not shure it's their exact names) to satisfy

Then edit /etc/java-c and /etc/java-vm to point to
/usr/local/jdk1.2.2/bin/[java,javac], and/or put /usr/local/jdk1.2.2/bin
in your $PATH.

Works for me.



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