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rc.local ?

Please forgive this rather elementary question. 
I am now trying out potato with the 2.2.17 kernel. 
I can't figure out which file has taken the place 
of rc.local. Also, /etc/conf.modules must be deleted 
and we must now use /etc/modules.conf, right? 

Finally, I noticed that there is a VM problem 
with this kernel (from experience and from reports 
in usenet). I haven't seen a report that this 
problem has been actually solved yet. Does it 
still exist in the -prex kernels? I haven't 
experienced any problems (other than warnings 
about free_page). Is this going to become a 
problem in a case where the machine is not 
doing nothing more stressful than recompiling 
a kernel? 


Tony Laszlo

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