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Re: Compose key in X 4.0.1?

Look at /etc/X11/Xmodmap or ~/.Xmodmap. I don't know if these are
sourced the same way in 4.0 as 3.3, but I in ~/.Xmodmap I put:

keycode 78 = Multi_key

which binds the "Scroll Lock" key to "Compose" (on PC101).  You can use
a different keycode, of course.

Bis Später,

On Tue, Aug 01, 2000 at 01:15:20AM -0300, Jeronimo Pellegrini wrote:
> Hello,
>   I've installed X 4.0.1, and everything is fine, except for one thing
>   that I used to have in 3.3.6, and that seems to be missing in 4.0.1:
>   In 3.3.6, I could put the lines:
>   LeftAlt  Meta
>   RightAlt Compose
>   in my XF86Config file, and these keys would be bound like that (it'd
>   only work with Xkbd disables).
>   In X 4.0.1, there are some options in the default config file... I
>   have left the defauls:
>   Option "LeftAlt" "Meta"
>   But when I included
>   Option "RightAlt" "Compose"
>   It simply ignored it. I've tried startx &> X.out, but nothing is
>   reported about it in X.out. (I don't like the Xkbd config that came
>   with 3.3.6, because it used deadkeys... I like to have a Compose
>   key!)
>   Any ideas?
> Thanks a lot,
> J.

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