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Re: ppp Setup

On Mon, Jul 31, 2000 at 09:09:24PM -0600, Troy Telford wrote:
> Having just tried to get ppp going on my linux box, I'm asking for a
> little help.
> I'm used to an ethernet connection to the internet, so ppp is new to
> me...
> First off, I do have the ppp kernel module installed.
> Next, I was using the kppp, and the gnome-ppp programs to set it up.

Forget those...

> The modem dials out and connects fine, but as soon as the 'CONNECT'
> message is sent from the modem, it immediately hangs up, and I get an
> error.

Probably a chatscript problem.

> There are two that I can see; one is that it can't find 'interface
> ppp0', and the other is that 'pppd died unexpectedly.'
> I'm currently using the (woody) distribution of Debian.
> Any help would be appreciated...

Try pppconfig (you must be root to configure it).  Then add yourself to
the "dip" group ('adduser <username> dip').  Make sure pppconfig knows
to set the "default route" option, and probably try PAP authentication
for the first go around.  Dynamic DNS (resolv.conf) assignment works if
your ISP supports it.

You use it by entering 'pon [provider]' to start and 'poff' to end.
"provider" is optional, unless you specify a name for the connection
other than the default "provider" (like if you have multiple dialup
numbers | accounts).

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