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CPAN perl mods vs. Debian lib_perl.debs:Solving dependencies

What is the best way to utilize the CPAN perl modules and allow the
Debian lib_perl.deb type of installation to coincide? I prefer to use
debianized perl mods...but I also NEED modules from CPAN. When I install
the cpan bundle it strongly suggests that I remove the perl modules the
I have already installed from Debian, in fact it just automatically
superceeds them. Is there a way to make these get along? I think that if
I try to remove the .deb installations... there will be a lot of unmet
Debian dependencies. I have in fact done this once before with the
results being a disaster. Any suggestions!! Is there a move to debianize
the CPAN mods en masse..maybe Alien could be adapted to do this. 
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