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RE: newbie help

Try tar zxvf kernel-source 2.2.12.tar.gz (which u have mentioned is already
in /usr/src). tar will "un-tar" and 
"gunzip" the kernel sources into the directory
kernel-source-<kernel_version> (or something like that). cd 
into the said directory and do a make config ( ro make menuconfig or make
xconfig if you want meu-driven and 
X versions of the config, respectively), make modules, make modules-install,
make bzImage. cp the resulting 
bzImage in /usr/src/arch/i386/boot (for i386 architecture) into /boot and
remember to modify your lilo.conf to i
nclude your new kernel and run lilo at the command prompt. Also, I suggest
you mv your current
 /lib/modules/<kernel_version> to /lib/modules/<kernel_version>.original
...just in case you want to use 
the original modules back...

Hope that helps....cheers.

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> I do have one little thing that I am stuck on.  I am trying to 
> recompile the kernel and I am trying to follow the 
> /usr/doc/kernel-package Readme file but I am not understanding the 
> first step.  I have kernel-source 2.2.12.tar.gz in /usr/src now.  Do I 
> need to gunzip it then un-tar it and then do the make config.  The 
> read me talk about where to unpack it but i am not sure about the 
> unpacking part. Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Clyde
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