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Cheetah PCI NIC

Hi all,

I do believe that this subject has been touched upon before. I was 
wondering if there is someone out there who has used a Cheetah PCI NIC 
from Accton.

I have installed it but do not know which module to use. I actually 
tried the NE2000 module I believe (not the PCI version for some reason 
or other) and Debian is able to see it but I can't seem to do anything 
with it.

Should I have used something else?

Also, as I am quite new to Linux,is there someone out there able to 
tell me how to go about changing the info to let debian know that the 
NIC has changed. The last few times, I just basically re-installed 
debian. I know this is not the proper way but I couldn't find any 
documentation on how to change this info.

Anywone able to help?


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