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Re: screen saver

kmself@ix.netcom.com [kmself@ix.netcom.com] wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 07:11:21PM -0700, Dale Morris wrote:
> > I'm running potato with the combination gnome desktop and debian?
> > taskbar/ice window manager. My screen saver doesn't work right. None
> > of the screen savers I select in settings works. What do I need to do
> > to get a proper screen saver?  Thanks
> > -- dale
> Do you have xlock or xscreensaver installed?
> What happens when you run one or the other from the command line?
I received a 'command not found'. So I ran apt-get install xscreensaver, it downloaded it and now I'll try to make it work..

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