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Re: char-major-6

> On 28-Jul-2000 Erik Mathisen wrote:
> > I keep getting this stupid error in my syslog:
> > 
> > modprobe: can't locate module char-major-6
> > 
> > now i searched my system, I dont have that module, how do I get this
> > error to stop?  It puts 2 or 3 entries in the log a minute.
> > 
> > Any help would greatly be appreciated,
> > 
> > Erik
> I've had the same problem, but with block-major-8 (scsi-disk). Since I don't
> have scsi devices, I appended an "alias block-major-8 off" to
> /etc/modutils/aliases and ran update-modules. After that I didn't get the
> message anymore.

char-major-6 are the parallel ports.
I believe that making your own kernel with 
can solve it too. This solution has the advantage that it enables you keep 
using your parallel ports.
You should be able to verify in /boot/config$YOUR_KENEL_VERSION whether 
CONFIG_PRINTER it is currently set.

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