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Re: repeated installations


> Hi. I am installing Debian over a network, and here's my question: is
> there a way to replicate a Debian installation? This is what I'm
> looking for:

> * I install Debian in a machine (a)
> * I personalize the packages I want/don't want at machine (a)
> * After that, I want to install the same packages at machine (b)

> Right now the only way I know to do this is to manually repeat all the
> steps on machine (b). Is there a way to create a "machine (a) task" or
> something similar?


The easy way to do that is:

dpkg --get-selections > 'file'    on machine (a),
customize 'file'
copy 'file' to machine (b),
dpkg --set-selections < 'file'    on machine (b).

After that type apt-get install on machine (b).

Hope, that helps.
--Pap Tibor

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