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Re: PHP4 functions

Sven Gaerner wrote:

> Hi,
> I installed Apache and PHP4 and several modules for PHP4.
> Everything works but I need to know if a special module is loaded. In the
> PHP4 Manual on the PHP website it says you can use the function
>   bool extension_loaded(string module);
> When I tried this I received an error that I tried to call an undefined
> function.
> Did someone have an idea?
> Please CC possible answers to me because I'm not subscribed.
> Thanks.
> Bye,
> Sven
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Would this module happen to be the GD librarys and are yu trying to make GIF images
on the fly casue i had the same problem when i upgrade to PHP4 and come to relize
that the  owner of teh GIF file format threaten to sue the writers of the GD librarys
so they took it out of there later releases and come to find out that the later
realeases are whats includeed inthe php4 version of the gd libs. i hope this helps.

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