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Re: voodoo3 board not found -FIXED (micro-howto)

Thanks, Jean-Phillipe; that worked.  (Nate, I didn't try your suggestion,
but thanks anyway :)

For other's future reference, here's what I did (everything as root, so
there's probably a better way...)

1)  Install the device3dfx-source package (apt-get install
device3dfx-source) and the kernel-headers-X.Y.ZZ package, where X.Y.ZZ is
your kernel version (e.g. 2.2.17).

2) If you don't have the kernel-source-X.Y.ZZ package installed, do this:
     mkdir /usr/src/linux
     ln -s /usr/src/kernel-headers-X.Y.ZZ/include /usr/src/linux/include
(If the directory /usr/src/linux already exists, I think the easiest thing
to do is 

3) cd /usr/src/modules/device3dfx/

This creates a device3dfx-module-<something>.deb in /usr/src; install it
using dpkg -i device3dfx-module-<something>.deb

Installing the package will create a device /dev/3dfx ; its permissions
are 660, which means normal users can't use apps that want to access the
device.  'chmod o+rw /dev/3dfx' will change this, though I'm not sure how
advisable it is. 


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