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PCI-SC875 general questions


Here's some questions for you. I will be so gratefull if you could help me in
any way..

   I'd like to know if the PCI-SC875 SCSI Card is ''Dual Channel'' or ''Single
   Channel'' ?

2.    If I connect a SCSI-2 device (CD-RW) on the 50 pins connector and a ULTRA
WIDE SCSI device (ST34573W Seagate Barracuda Hard-Drive) on the 68 pins
connector, should I be able to run each of these devices at their respective
Or will the card run these two devices at SCSI-2 speed (20 Mbytes/sec)????

3.   Is this card (PCI-SC875) ''Ultra Fast & Ultra Wide'' or ''Ultra Fast &
Wide'' ??? You see the difference??!!?? I'm asking you this because everywhere
ASUS described this card, it's always written like this ''Ultra Fast/Wide''...

4.  If it's ULTRA FAST & ULTRA WIDE, is it right to say that it's also SCSI

5.  If I cannot run my CD-RW and my Hard Drive at their own respective speed, is
there an easy or non-easy way to disable/disconnect the CD-RW to be able to run
the Hard Drive at it's full speed (SCSI 3 instead of SCSI 2)...??????
By using the Symbios maybe...or anything else....??????

You can simply reply to me or send me an E-MAIL at: bodysoul@globetrotter.net

I hope you did understand well my questions because my english is not so
good.....I'm a frenchman...

Nicolas de Bray
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Thanx a lot

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