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Setting up DNS for virtual domains

I'm going to try to explain this as bast I can though my understanding
of a lot of these issues is shaky at best.

I help admin the student computing organization's servers at my school.
We would like to offer full virtual domain service to our users, but we
do not have a 2nd level domain -- our main domain is wso.williams.edu,
also known as gertrude.williams.edu. For now, we ask the school's tech
guys to change the DNS whenever we need to a new computer. I'm
comfortable staying with that arrangement, but a lot of users have
registered domains with places that don't provide DNS service. We can't
get the school DNS to change every time this happens, so we've decided
to set up our main machine as DNS Nameserver. There's two main issues as
I see them -- the actual DNS configuration on the gertrude and getting
the machine "known" as a Nameserver out in the wide world.

Issue 1: I've looked far and wide on the Internet (probably not far and
wide enough) for resources telling me how to set up virtual domain
service. Most of the examples are for Bind 4.x which make things tough
(we're running 8). Essentially, we'd just like to have a lot of
different domains point to the same IP: gertrude's. We'll sort it all
out with Apache later (I can handle that part). But I just can't seem to
figure out how to do this -- we won't be providing DNS service for
the name gertrude.williams.edu or wso.williams.edu -- we just want to
specify 10-20 domains that should point to gertrude's IP. I think I need
a resource zone file for each domain (all based on some template) but
I'm having trouble. If anyone could point me in the direction of a
sample named.conf and a resource file or two for someone in my situation
I'd be really grateful.

Issue 2: As I understand it, none of this means much unless I can
specify gertrude as the nameserver for these domains. Currently, I'm
told she's not a valid nameserver. Does this mean I need to get the
person who runs DNS for gertrude (the school) to edit the DNS records
just this once and specify gertrude as a Nameserver? What exactly should
I ask them to do? They tend to be pretty helpful as long as I know what
I need done.

thanks much if any of you made it this far,

A CC: on any reply would be much appreciated - thanks.

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