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Re: Non-root user executing pon

I haven't used ppp with Debian, but I understood that permission to
activate it was set in the same way as other resource accesses, such as
sound - all you need to do is add the user to the appropriate group.

For example: to allow myself to use the sound card while a normal user,
I just added myself to the sound group in /etc/group (man group for the
format of this file)


"R. D. Loga" wrote:
> When a non-root user types pon at the prompt they get "Connect script
> failed".  Pon works fine for the root user.  I changed several file
> permissions to get this far.  Do I have to change permissions on all the
> scripts in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d directory too?  Is there an easy way to allow
> non-root users to use pon?

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