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RE: combining unused space into files

On 25-Jul-2000 Richard E. Hawkins wrote:
> I thought I sent this earlier, but it doesn't seem to have arrived . . .
> IN my last-ditch attempt to recover a long text (actually lyx) file that
> was deleted, I want to combine all of the unused space on my drive into 
> files.  There's about 80M altogether, and I want to break it into 10M pieces
> (so I can manipulate them in the 40M partition normally assigned for 
> swap).

I've had pretty good success with mc's undelete fs.
Or you can try the linux disk editor, lde.
> I want to get a literal straight read of the disk.  Can anyone point
> out how to do this.

dd if=/dev/[partition] of=[dumpfile]
> To complicate matters, the machine has no netwerok connectivity;
> it's a laptop, and the pcmcia hardware seems to have gone south . . .

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