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Re: dsl + pppoe problems continue. ( pppoe !works , here)

On 25-Jul-2000 Stan Kaufman wrote:
> Pollywog wrote:
>> I am using PacBell Internet and I could not get the Enternet software to
>> connect me.  I suggest you go to www.roaringpenguin.com and get the rpm
>> package, then use Alien to make a Deb package from it.
>> Roaring Penguin got my DSL working.
> The pppoe.deb package right from the Debian site worked great for me
> with PacBell DSL. No messing around with Alien. FWIW...

That's good to know, but I thought the rp-pppoe package (rpm) on the
roaringpenguin.com site was a newer version, so I went with it.


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