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Re: PPP problems

I think your solution is in /etc/network/interfaces.

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 12:11:47AM -0400, David S. Jackson wrote:
> When I first upgraded to potato via apt-get, I must have answered
> one of the config scripts wrong, because now when /bin/pon brings
> up ppp, the default route doesn't come up.  Instead, there's
> already a default route to eth0.  So I have to manually do the
> following:
> route add default ppp0
> route del default eth0
> route add lo
> Was it the netbase config script that I messed up on?  How can I
> either rerun the script or modify text files so that every time I
> reboot I don't have to reset these routes manually?
> TIA!
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