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Re: erratic ps/2 mouse behavior

Sounds like a gpm problem. If you're using XFree4, kill gpm and it should
work ok (Xfree4 does things a bit differently and does not have support
for gpm). If you're not using Xfree4, check your gpm config or try going
around gpm to see if your mouse works without it just fine.

I had this problem and do every time gpm is started while using xfree4. I
have had it in xfree3 in the past, usually after switching mice.


At 00:02 on Jul 25, Brad combined all the right letters to say:

> On Sat, Jul 22, 2000 at 06:06:51PM -0800, Ethan Benson wrote:
> > 
> > when i move the mouse it will at times go out of control, the pointer
> > starts jumping around the screen extremely fast with the buttons going
> > off randomly (i am not clicking the mouse buttons, but the windowmaker
> > menu, and window menus appear and my workspaces are switched around
> > when the mouse `clicks' my windowmaker clip several times, it has even
> > dragged icons off the dock and thrown them away) 
> > 
> > the pointer usually ends up in the upper right corner of the screen
> > but it jumps around so fast i can only see where it has been by where
> > menus pop up and windows get closed etc.  it is exceedingly annoying.

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