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Re: Tape backup software?

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 04:43:42PM -0500, Kelly Corbin wrote:
> Has anyone had much experience w/ tape backup in Linux?  I am looking
> for tape backup software and was wondering if anyone knew which was the
> "best".  Any input would be appreciated.  It would be for an ATAPI tape
> backup drive.  THANKS!
> Kelly

On the open source side of things, I'm a big fan of Amanda.  You can 
find the original source and stuff at ftp://ftp.cs.umd.edu/pub/amanda, or
at http://www.amanda.org/.

On the closed source side of things, I'm a HUGE fan of Veritas' NetBackup
product.  Sadly, the current version supports Linux as a client, not a
backup master, or media server.  If you've got a lot of things to backup,
I like the distributed Veritas scheme of things.  It's pretty expensive,

I've used both extensively, and recommend them.


dave brookshire
chief engineer
(703)383-6740 x120

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