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Re: Using Partition Magic with Debian

Partition Magic v4 and v5 both work well as far as resizing, copying,
moving Linux partitions. I've never had it do any harm to the ext2fs
file system itself.

However, when you use PM to resize/move a bootable partition that has
Lilo installed in it's boot sector, be prepared to boot with a floppy
(or with Loadlin) afterwards in order to reinstall Lilo. PM attempts to
to 'fix' the Lilo boot sector to compensate for the resize/move
operation - but often gets it wrong. 

PM will also make changes to your /etc/fstab file that it thinks are
appropriate, and will sometimes get that wrong also.


tsuess@blackhole.fuhq.net wrote:
> Has anyone used Partition Magic in order to resize partitions under Debian?
> The software claims to support resizing Linux EXT2 filesystems, etc, but will I
> trash my system if I do so?  I used Norton Ghost to image my system from a 2.1
> gig drive to an 8.4 gig drive and it's working great so far, but I have all
> this slack space I would like to assign to various partitions, /usr etc.
> So, has anyone done this sucessfully and/or have alternate methods that can
> be used to add slack space to existing partitions?
> Any suggestions would be appreiciated,
> Regards,
> Todd

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