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Re: RealPlayer7 causes Netscape 4.72/3 bus error on startup

On 24-Jul-2000 Rick Macdonald wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Pollywog wrote:
>> > What version of netscape, from where?
>> > 
>> > It works for me and others.
>> I am using 4.73 now and I have no problems with RealPlayer now.
>> Now I have to figure out how to play mp3's from Netscape.  It seems plugger
>> will play them from some websites and not others.
> Post some examples of URL's that fail and we can see if it works for us.
> ...RickM...

This one worked, before I messed with the Application setting in Netscape:


This one would not work:


I followed the instructions for making this "extension" as they call it, work.
It would not work.

There were other links with endings in .mp3 that would not work, not just
files with .m3u endings.


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