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RE: RealPlayer7 causes Netscape 4.72/3 bus error on startup

On 23-Jul-2000 Rick Macdonald wrote:
> Oh, I hadn't noticed that there was a deb for installing realplayer. I had
> removed the whole lot, so just now I reinstalled all the 4.73 debs
> including the realplayer, and guess what -- it works fine now. I don't
> know why. I had been installing the realplayer with it's own installer,
> not the rpm file that the deb wrapper uses.
> The javascript pages (bigbrother2000) also seem more stable with this
> 4.73.
> Beats me why!

I uninstalled the RealPlayer package I had installed with the Debian install
package.  I made a new Deb package using Alien and the RPM package I
downloaded and it works much better.

Now I am trying to decide how to have Netscape play mp3 files.
Plugger doesn't seem to cut it.


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