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ReiserFS with Debian (Potato)?

Hi all.

 I'm contemplating installing debian on ReiserFS like this:

1: Install Debian.
2: Patch & compile kernel with ReiserFS support.
3: Backup the partitons [1] one after one and reformat them with
   ReiserFS, restore from backup.
4: Be very happy! :-)

I know that /boot has to be ext2fs, and I'll prolly install 2 linuxen to
work on one from the other. That way I can convert / to ReiserFS too.

The problem is: will things break right and left because of ReiserFS?

I know SuSE give you the choice between ext2 abd reiser at install, and
I have tried it, so I know it's stable, but I don't know how much SuSE
has modified to make it work.

My understanding is that nearly all things WRT disk read/write is
handled by the kernel, so programs don't know what filesystem they're
on. Is that correct?

Has anyone reading this done this before?

I personally plan to write something about it and upload it to my
website if I go ahead and do it, unless someone else has already done

[1]: What should I use for this, I have two HDD's, and will have the
backup on one (6Gig), and work on the other (10Gig). A simple ``cp''
will do, but there might be somthing better, recommendations?

Morten Liebach <morten@hotpost.dk> ; http://home1.stofanet.dk/liebach
"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided
 missiles and misguided men (Martin Luther King, Jr.)"

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