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Re: emails wont send out-

it's outlook

try it with another client and i bet it works.


or telnet to your SMTP and try it manually it should work i have my server
page my att&t phone daily.


On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Tom Warfield wrote:

twarfi >We have clients using Outlook (yes i know what losers) and were running
twarfi >sendmail on debian.  Okay so this is the problem, when they send a email in
twarfi >Outlook to a email address (for example 1231234567@mobile.att.net) Outlook
twarfi >wont let them send it out.  Its not the message or anything like that
twarfi >because if i change the address to something else the message goes, so its
twarfi >specificaly the address.  Outlook connects to the server then it just sits
twarfi >there.  Im thinking Sendmail doesnt like it for some reason and i cant
twarfi >figure out why...anyone have any ideas.
twarfi >
twarfi >Thanks,
twarfi >Tom
twarfi >
twarfi >
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