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Network/Server CRC Errors on large compressed files.


I have a little server set up in a home office running Potato.  It is an
AMD 233, 20GIG IDE Western Digital HD, 64 Ram system that acts as a
gateway/firewall, print and file server.  However, I am having a very
odd problem with it.  I often deal with large compressed files (10 megs
or so each, usually in zip or rar format).  I usually make them on my
local machine, and then transfer them to my server to be archived onto
tape.  However, once they get to the server they become corrunpted.
Now, It is not always the case that they get corrupted during the
transmission.  For example, if I have a 3 part spanning file (aka an 3
volume compressed file) I will test the extraction on my local box.  It
usually works.  Ok, then I copy it to my server.  When I try to
decompress it on the server, file 2 may fail (Give me a bad CRC error).
But then if I try it again, 2 may pass and 3 will fail.  Then after
several tries they may all decompress successfully and the will just get
a general CRC error at the end.  And sometimes it actually works.

It is this odd behavior that makes me wonder if it is the server and not
the network.  Does anyone have any idea what is happening and how I can
resolve this?  The server is running 2.2.14, and I have the kernel
configured as a host, not router (which I think I read gives some CRC
checking, but no luck).


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