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Re: difference between running perl from command line and web

I've been having this difficulty as well, although i'm not convinced
it's a pre 5.005 -> 5.005 change (i think i've been at 5.005 the entire
time).  What i would suggest (and did in my case) was to change from
using a `lynx` to using the LWP modules.  perldoc LWP::UserAgent.


On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 02:32:55PM +1000, Shao Zhang wrote:
> 	$output = `echo name=value | lynx -post_data -dump
> 	"www.blah.com/cgi-bin/blah.cgi"`;
> 	Now, with earlier perl versions, this works from both command line and
> 	web(as an cgi program). However, recently, I upgraded to perl5.005 and
> 	now it only works from command line and not web anymore.

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