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RE: Problem with Samba after upgrade to frozen

> Hi,
> After upgrading to 'frozen' at the weekend, I can't get samba to work.
> Whenever anyone tries to connect, I get an error logged, complaining that
> samba can't change the group id (this is in /var/log/smb). It appears to
> be
> trying to change to the group of the user that is trying to connect.
> Can anyone offer any advice?
IIRC, that is a bug with the 2.0.x kernels and the newer samba.
If you are running a 2.0.x kernel, try changing to a 2.2.x one.
Someone recompiled samba for 2.0 kernels and posted a url for
the debs.  I have since lost it.  I think it was Jens Jorgensen.
Anyone else have a pointer?

> Many thanks.
> Andy
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