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Re: Cloning an installation

Just copy the disks.

cp -ax / /mnt/

i think its ax anyhow. i should be more certain considering how many times i have done this, you will need to copy partition by partition, eg if you have /home on a different partition you will have to make a seperate partition on the second drive and mount that on /mnt after you have finished copying /

cp -ax /home /mnt

or something like that, then jsut boot from a floppy and run lilo when the drives are around the right way, it can be rather complicated at times and im to lazy to type muych more than this.

At 14:54 17/07/00 -0700, Pascal Martin wrote:
I have the following problem: I have one fully installed computer,
and I want to install a second one the exact same way.

I would like to avoid selecting all the packages manually.

Is any automated way exists ? Something like listing all packages
from the existing system and generating an installation script for
the new one out of it ?


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