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Re: no ftp at all.

hosts.allow is empty, hosts.deny has ALL: PARANOID. Both files are equal on and 3. I amended hosts.allow with the line ALL: .orchard.nl
(being my local domain name), but to no avail. I haven't installed the
package ftpd, only ftp, but isn't ftp supposed to work right out of the
box, being an essential service. and 3 have basically the same
setup, with 3 being a bit outdated (May this year) and 1 spanking brand new
(last week). Another thing is that when I last used 3 with a ppp connection
to the net I could easily ftp and run apt-get.


At 06:02 PM 7/16/00 +0200, Ron Rademaker wrote:
>You could check your /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny, and are you
>running a ftpd??
>Another thing could be ipchains...
>Ron Rademaker
>On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, Hans wrote:
>> Here another riddle which I can't seem to solve....
>> I have two potato boxes ( and 3) and a win95 laptop
>> ( on a local network. I can ping from to and from,
>> use telnet, but not ftp. Connection is refused when I ftp in from 1 and 2
>> and also when I ftp out from 3. I checked /etc/services and the ports are
>> there. Other config-files are basically the same except for name and IP
>> number. Anybody any idea?
>> Hans
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