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Re: pdq 2.2.1

Hans wrote:
> Has somebody successfully installed pdq on a potato box, and if yes, how?
> When I run ./configure it says it can't find the glib-config and gtk-config
> scripts, hence it says both glib and gtk are not installed. I tried to
> modify the ./configure script to point to /usr/lib, which is where both
> libglib and libgtk reside, but that was unsuccessful. Anyone please?
> Hans

Are you sure you have developing packages (not only libraries) of gtk
and glib installed?
If you don't have dev files (headers, scripts, ..) you can compile the

In my machine:

dpkg -L libgtk1.2-dev 

shows that libgtk1.2-dev package contains file /usr/bin/gtk-config. 

Also if I run:

dpkg -K libglib1.2-dev 

and I see this package contains /usr/bin/glib-config.

BTW, installing libgnome-dev using apt-get brings you all gtk, glib and
gnome dev things easily. 

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 Esko Lehtonen
 esko dot lehtonen (a) pp dot htv dot fi

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