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Re: Stopping screen blank out.

* Marshal Wong in "Stopping screen blank out." dated 2000/07/16 01:13
* wrote:

> Sorry for the newbieness of this question, but how does one stop the
> screen blank out in Woody.  The reason is that I want to watch some
> VCDs, except after 10 minutes or so, the screen blanks.  When I go to
> wake it up, the X server locks (and crashes and burns horribly.) I
> have no screen savers running.  I tried setterm -powersave off, but
> under X it doesn't do anything.  I'm using X under gdm.
> Any suggestions?

man 1 xset  ;->

But seriously, xset s off, will turn off screensaving and if you have
DPMS turned on you might want to turn it off, or make the delay longer
with the xset dpms commands.

FYI, setterm only affects the console.

Ashley Clark

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