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Re: unable to unmount


What I meant is, even if umount the cdrom drive from the client and then
do a shutdown even, I am unable to umount cdrom from the server. This
typically happens after my remote installation of debian/redhat linuxes.

> > If I mount a cdrom and nfs mount it on some other machines, even after
> > the other machine is switched off, I am unable to umount the cdrom
>                        ~~~~~~~~~~~
> Please elaborate.
> Do you mean you just shutdown the other machine ? Or that you umount the
> cdrom ?

Theoritically I should be able to unmount without shutting down nfsd  isntit?

My memory says, I was able to do it with my old redhat boxes(rh 4.* and 5.*)

> Other than that you can try to shutdown nfsd (don't count on that, I haven't
> tried it)

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