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Some unix tricks for dos files

Often we have got files, which originate from m$ programs.

msword documents I wanted to make into html. There is a program called
mswordview, and it can convert and copy the files by doing:

for file in *.doc;  do mswordview $file > ${file%.doc}.html; done 

The extensions are often wrong. They can be changed:

for file in *.HTM; do  cp $file ${file%.HTM}.html; done

To get lowercase letters for capitals:

for file in *HTM; do  cp $file `echo $file | tr A-Z a-z`; done

The first trick was told by: 
Matthew Dalton <matthewd@research.canon.com.au>

The third trick was told by:
Peter S Galbraith <GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca>

And the second I wrote myself according to Matthew Dalton's model for
msword tranforming. 


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