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Re: Debian and WordPerfect

I have run both WP 7 and 8 under slink and potato.  WP 7 works
flawlessly, while WP 8 seems to have problems with some window managers
(I can't seem to focus on the document window) but works well with

Be sure you have all the necessary (libc5) libraries installed.

On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 09:44:38PM +0000, bsamuels@datamansys.co.uk wrote:
> Has anyone been able to run WordPerfect under Slink or Potato.  I get a
> segmentation fault on both.
> Does anyone know of a reason for this?

Bob Nielsen, N7XY                          nielsen@oz.net
Bainbridge Island, WA                      http://www.oz.net/~nielsen

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