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Re: display export??

> Ethan Pierce wrote:
> Im new to debian so Im not familiar with all the display settings.
> When I used mandrake, there were certain programs that needed to be
> run as root - like linuxconf/mtv/xcdroast etc....all I needed to do
> was su and run them.  Now in debian when I try such a move, i get a
> "cant set display" not authorized ........
> do I need to export DISPLAY localhost?  Im not sure of the syntax...am
> I on the right track?

The problem is that the xserver session belongs to you as a user,
and it doesn't want anyone else, including root, to be executing
clients on the same platform.  I'm not understanding how to
directly change this, but an easy work-around is to CTL-ALT-F2...F3,
log in as root, and startx -- :1.  This starts a new display.

Then, you can flip between them with CTL-ALT-F7 ... CTL-ALT-F8.

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