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Re: compiling 2.4.0 kernels on potato

On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 07:56:25PM +0100, Jonathan Heaney wrote:

> Moritz, the patch has subsequently been corrected - you can use the
> updates in pub/linux/kernel/testing to get the latest patch.  I've
> amended the relevant section below.
> wrong way round, it's now     >

thnx for the information. i saw the patch, i posted, on lkml.

> There are a few other chages required depending on arhcitecture / what
> drivers you are compiling so I would get the latest patch from testing
> (6, which I'm just about to compile - hopefully it has repaired the
> parport_pc problem that the last few have had, although there's a patch
> for that too).

good luck :)

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