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Re: Debian + other distribution

         Hi debian community,


        I erased all on my HD and installed just RedHat,
  Now I want to install Debian 2.2 without erase RedHat. 
     My question is about lilo. On the installation of RedHat I installed lilo
on the MBR.  But my version of lilo is a bit old. So I prefer to use Debian's
lilo. How should I proceed to do this?
     I thought in install Debian's lilo on it's partition and live RedHat's
lilo on the MBR, so I would use my old lilo ( I think it wouldn't be so
bad). Maybe I erase RedHat's lilo and install Debian lilo's on the MBR and
configure it's lilo.conf too boot both distro's. If I install two lilos, one
on the MBR and the other on debian's partitions this won't confuse the computer
on the boot? What should I do?  
    I'd like that you explain it step by step.

      Ricardo Gabriel Herdt

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