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Re: ckermit

Walter Williams <wwilliams@mountain-cad.com> writes:
> Hey Man
> Try http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/
> Walt
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Magnus Sandberg [mailto:mem@algonet.se]
> Hi,
> I have an older installation of Debian Potato (like half a year old) on a 
> machine were I also have ckermit installed. Now I would like to install 
> kermit on another machine but I can't find kermit any more. What has 
> happened with kermit?

I believe Magnus wanted to know what happened to the Debian package.

>From my understanding it was axed because of a restrictive license,
essentially requiring permission from Columbia U. before being
redistributed. I believe CU had a proposed change to the license to
make it less restrictive but I don't know if they finalized it or
not. I did see a message from the former maintainer that you can pick
up a deb file from the URL


If further info is desired you can go to the Debian website and search
the debian-devel mailing list for "kermit" to find out what the
specifics are. I think there's even a contribution to the thread by
THE Kermit guy, Frank da Cruz.


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