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Re: rm to mp3?

Kenneth Scharf [scharkalvin@yahoo.com] wrote:
> Does anyone know how to convert a .rm file to an mp3
> format?  I have downloaded several real audio .rm
> files (I can play them on the linux realplayer) but I
> would like to convert them to mp3 format.  Any ideas?

Hello Kenneth,

I asked this question as well to this list a couple of months ago and
was advised to use paudio - here is a quick description. It will allow 
you to save the sound to a wave file and then you can use your favourite
encoder to convert it to a mp3 file.

Title:		    paudio
Version:	    0.1
Entered-date:	    13JAN98
Description:	    paudio, or /proc/audio, is a file that
		    when read from, will return the data that is
		    currently being written to the audio device
		    (/dev/audio or /dev/dsp).  This is useful if an
		    audio application doesn't allow you to save an
		    audio file.  Note that to use this effectively,
		    a moderate knowledge of Linux modules is needed,
		    as well as a moderate knowledge of digital audio
		    techniques.  Feel free to email me with
		    questions (although I gaurentee no answers!).

Cyrus Patel - cyrus@linuxfan.com
Dept. of Computer Engineering                           Debian GNU/Linux 
University of New South Wales                           (Woody)
Sydney, Australia.					ICQ: 50738541	

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