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Printer failure

My printer has suddenly stopped working and I'm not having any luck
determining the cause...

I recently upgraded lprng from 3.6.2-2 to 3.6.12-6 and just made my first
attempt to print after the upgrade.  It fails silently and lpq just shows a
message of the form

Printer: lp@genma  'Epson Stylus Color 400'
 Queue: no printable jobs in queue
 Status: removing job 'root@genma+312' - ABORT at 12:05:41.092

Thinking it might be an incompatibility between the two versions of lprng, I
reinstalled the old deb.  Didn't work, but at least the older version
provided a little information instead of failing silently:

Status Information:
 sending job 'root@genma+233' to lp@localhost
 connecting to 'localhost', attempt 1
 connected to 'localhost'
 requesting printer lp@localhost
 error 'LINK_TRANSFER_FAIL' sending str '^Blp' to lp@localhost
 job 'root@genma+233' transfer to lp@localhost failed

/var/log/syslog shows only that localhost is trying to connect to the
printer.  /var/log/lpr.log is completely empty.

I've also double-checked that the parallel cable is secure and power-cycled
the printer.

Does this look more like a hardware or a software/configuration problem?  Any
suggestions on how to fix it?

(And no, I don't normally use root unless I'm troubleshooting.)

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