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Two screens

  I run a (almost) pure potato distrib with 2.2.17 kernel. Problem is, 
I have a Intel740 graphic card and a 17" monitor as standard output
device. But I also have a S3 card a 15" monitor from an old PC which
died sometimes ago. I would like to set up all this things such that I 
have a dual monitor setup. I understand that XFree 4 does the thing,
but I would like to stick to stable things. 

  Looking at the documentation, it seems to me that it should be
possible to start two X servers, one by XFREE86_SVGA :0 (the standard
monitor) and one by XFREE86_S3 :1, then use x2x to link the
dislpays. This brings up some more questions that I could nmot answer
by looking at the doc:

  1. I suppose I must add a Device section to the XF86Config file, but 
     how I specify which card is which?
  2. at startup XFREE86_SVGA :0 is automagicaly launched on
     pseudoterminal 7, so there is some script file that do that. I
     suppose I should change it, but... where it is?

Thaks a lot.

The Hobbit
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